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My SA:MP Presidental Campaign

I am a nerd, i admit it, i love video games, nerdy shows, magic the gathering, roleplay, D&D, Etc....
A month ago i was really bored and decided to run for president in a roleplay server in a GTA San Andreas multiplayer mod.

The name of my party was the Democratic Axis, it was a reference to ww2 as my oponent was the Atlantic Alliance.

I ran a smear campaign saying the oposition was going to take our freedom, and stuff.

In the end i lost the elections because i campaigned too late and a lot of people already had their minds set in who to vote. But it was fun and i'd do it again.

In the forums we also had a forum signature in the end of our posts and i decided to create one that would reflect my in game character, A Risk taker hippie (Who also wanted to be president)

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