My introduction :D

Hello , you reading this, yes you!
You are awesome because you're actually paying some attention to me!
Well, that's a very nice thing to say, now to what matters!

My name is Happy Spiffo and my real name is Rodrigo Rodriguez,
I was born in Venezuela and i live in Portugal
Currently i'm a student at the "Escola secundária de Estarreja" where i study in the Marketing course.
I've got the need to tell you that my grades aren't very good,
i barely pass Portuguese and Maths, but i'm very good in English and Computers!
In my free time i play games, go to Photoshop and try new things!
I also like to join contests, national and local, i still haven't tried to go for an International Contest.
I have some friends that i work with, and we do great stuff together :
Pedro Silva, Renato Almeida and Rafael Rebimbas.

I hope you like the things i post! Have Fun!